Image of man standing between a seated man and woman. They are all looking at an electronic tablet that is on a table in front of them.

If you find it hard keeping up with technology, you can build your confidence and skills with our FREE online workshop for all skill levels.

Learn about:

- Your smartphone, tablet, laptop or smartwatch device.
- Using your device at home and work and for communication.
- Where to get funding for your technology.
- How to stay safe online with your technology.

Connect with Tech workshops are free, and created by and for people living with physical and
sensory disability in South Australia. The workshops are jointly delivered by Disability Elders of all
Ages (DEAA) facilitators and Stretchy Tech occupational therapy and technology experts.

All skill levels welcome. Support staff and carers welcome. You can also visit the Humanitix website for workshop details and registrations.

Follow the DEAA Facebook page for workshop updates

We do not have any workshops currently scheduled. Please keep an eye on this page for future workshops.