Are you interested in hosting your own digital assistive technology workshop sessions to support people to gain confidence, independence and help them stay connected with friends, family and peers?

Disability Elders of All Ages (DEAA) are providing free online workshops on assistive and mobile technologies, accessibility features, and accessories. They are looking for people interested in hosting their own event. All resources are provided and high-level tech skills are not required.


Why host a session?

We learn better together!

During the COVID lockdown, I talked to my grandma and family members via Zoom, it was funny because they didn't know how to use it. We all just helped each other.     Focus Group Participant

People living with a physical and or sensory disability may also find attending an event more accessible if it is in a home or service provider environment they are familiar with. Plus, hosting a session can increase your own confidence in assistive technology.


What will be covered?

Workshop 1 - Assistive technology for communications on both Android and Apple devices.

Workshop 2 - Using Zoom, staying safe online and managing data plans.

Workshop 3 - Funding options for those who need devices or need upgraded devices.


40% of respondents reported learning about Digital Assistive Technology from family and friends in the DEAA Strengthening Empowering Connections report


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Kyra Kimpton
DEAA Project Leader
Phone: Kyra on (08) 8373 8359 or the Purple Orange Office on (08) 8373 8388

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